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Old 07-13-2006, 08:48 AM
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No Man, No Cry Part 1

No Man, No Cry Part 1

Hey there! It's me again, Nico. I know, it's been a minute since you've heard from your girl. Don't worry I'm the same old me and never going to change. Still dodging the commitment bullet with a hundred percent effort and accuracy. And you wouldn't believe how much of a job that has been lately. The last three men I have been involved with have endeavored at different levels of intensity to domesticate me. Me? The Diva of Indifference! What were they thinking? But now that they can't even get a sniff of this good stuff, they're wishing they had kept their rings in their pockets and their mouths shut.
But then I got to thinking what am I to do to get my appetite satisfied? Because you know this girls' gotta have it! It had been almost a month and there weren't even any prospects on the horizon. I had a conference to go to in Birmingham, Alabama and no after-hours playmate to take with me. This was truly beginning to bite the big one! And I'm talking a plain one with no relish. But then I thought I could pick me up a little piece of "dirty south" dick after I got there. I mean everyone had heard stories of those thick pipe-laying brothers that reside south of the Mason-Dixon. I didn't know it then, but my trip would go in a whole different direction.
So I get down to the "Magic City" and am quite impressed. I guess I had those black and white images from the 60's still in my head but Birmingham had it going on! I stayed in a historic type luxury hotel downtown, just minutes from the very modern center where the conference was being held. Of course, I was scouting for a man from minute one at the welcome cocktail party but alas, I came up dry on that one. But I did meet this sister named Diana ("Call me Di"), from a firm in Atlanta. Being that she lived so close, she had been to Birmingham many times and knew the nightlife. So we agreed to hit the streets the next evening.
We had a ball! We walked all around the 5 Points South area to start off. What is it about being young and in college that makes normal people just lose their damn minds? We saw "girls gone wild" and got hit on by "guys with no style". The freaks were not only out but I swear they were having a convention! We ended up at this one really hot disco club. Sometimes you want a change from hip-hop and R&B. It was the bomb! The music was straight from the 70's and the drinks were off the chain. We were on the floor dancing with this group of girls to 'Dancing Queen'. You know how back in the day, when the guys were sitting on their ass you would just dance with your friends? Yeah, one would lead but it meant nothing. Well that's what we were doing, switching off between partners when all of a sudden someone yelled "Triple Kiss!" Before I could even blink let alone ask 'What the fuck?' I had two women kissing me and one of them was Di. Even stranger, my ass reacted to it! Well not my "ass" exactly, more like my coochie and my nipples.
Now you have to understand, as off the chain as I may be I have never tasted any nectar except my own. And that was off the dick or lips of a man. As for being curious I always said that if I were ever to be interested in going that way, the woman would have to be at least as hot as I am. So as we went back to dancing, I started checking out Di in a whole different way and I have to say she was tight. For those who are visual creatures, let me verbally paint her picture. She is 5'8" and about 140 thick ass pounds. She had milk chocolate skin, big pretty light brown eyes and medium-length black hair styled in a bob. She smelled of some oriental fragrance that suddenly seemed to overwhelm my senses. I was straight trippin' let me tell you! I tapped her on the shoulder to let her know I was ready to go, I had to get back to my hotel and break out my portable boyfriend before I came right where I stood.
In the taxi back to the hotel I was quiet as hell except when the driver took a turn too hard. Di rolled against me and I moaned I was so horny by then. You know me though I had to play it off so I turned it into a cough real quick. We pulled up to the hotel and I damn near threw the money at the guy and jumped out. As we were walking toward the elevators she caught up to me.
"Nico, is anything wrong? Girl you are practically jogging. I didn't piss you off with that kiss did I? If I did I'm sorry, I saw that on MTV once and so I just went with it."
"No, I'm not mad." Sighing I decided to tell her the truth. Looking straight ahead at the doors I said, "That was just the first time I ever kissed a woman and my reaction kind of threw me off. I got hot as hell in a matter of seconds and it wasn't for that other chick."
Moving into my line of sight she reached up and ran her fingers through my hair. My nipples were instantly throbbing as I closed my eyes. She was less than an inch from my body but I felt the heat coming from her and could smell the wetness of our pussies. It was like I was under her spell. I'm not used to being dominated but somehow I knew I wouldn't be running the show with Di.
"Sweetie I've been hot for you since I saw you at registration. You see isn't my first time in any sense of the word. If you would allow me the pleasure, I would love to show you why a woman should be with another woman at least one time in her life."
"Sounds like a plan." Knowing the answer already I asked, "Your room or mine?"
"Mine baby."
We barely made it into the room. She had me up against the door, her tongue running up my neck and her hands rubbing and squeezing my breasts. I was moaning and grinding all against her. Suddenly she stopped.
"Open your eyes. I want to look into them for our first kiss."
Even though this was my first time, shy is something I've never been. So when we kissed I looked deep into her eyes and pressed my body up against hers. I always thought that it would feel weird to be close to a woman like that but we actually fit together quite nicely. And letting someone take the lead was a nice change of pace for me. In the back of my mind I made a mental note to try it with a man sometime. I was brought back to the present when Di slipped her fingers into my panties.
"Damn baby you are so wet," she whispered. I about came when she licked her fingers looking at me. "You taste so good too. Take your clothes off so I can get to that pussy. I am going to eat you until you are running like a faucet and teach you how to do the same to me."
I must have stiffened or something as I moved towards the bed. As I was taking off my clothes she came up behind and started helping me undress. She said, "Don't worry baby, if you don't like it you can stop. But I'm going to eat you regardless. You know what though? I'll bet you'll be surprised how much you like eating pussy Nico." With that she shimmied out of her little black dress and pushed me down across the bed. Lying next to me she began kissing and rubbing all over me. Her titties were so big and her nipples were like black pearls, I could have sucked on them for days. It didn't take me long to realize I was a 'breast woman'. As beautiful as her ass was, her tits had me mesmerized. Taking back my usual control for a minute, I rolled her onto her back and sucking her nipples I began stroking her pussy the way I like it: softly back and forth across the clit then sliding my fingers inside. The way she bowed her back and ground my face into her titties let me know that I had a few skills myself. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I mean we are talking about me, Nico the Perfected Super-Freak.
But Lady Di wasn't going to be on her back for long. She flipped me so fast I never saw it coming. Before I could say a word she stole my breath away by pushing her tongue deep in my pussy. Now I understand why men always sit halfway up and push on the back of my head like that. No man had ever gone down on me with the talent this woman had. I lifted my right leg up and had my left hand in her hair as I rolled my hips all in her face. Unlike the busters that had been playing down there, she just grabbed my hips and dove in deeper. Before I knew it I was calling another woman's name!
"Shit Di! Baby yes! Do that shit. Eat my pussy Di. I'm going to cum all down your throat girl!" My girl was so cool, she just moaned and started going at me harder. I don't know how she was breathing and at the time, I plain didn't give a fuck. Bucking against her face, I came harder than ever in my life. And considering my history that is truly saying some shit let me tell you. My jizz was all over her face and for the first time I tasted myself on a woman's lips. That was a true turn on, not that I needed any further incentive. I was ready to make this night memorable for both of us.
"That was some good eating baby. You gonna teach how to do that?"
Smiling she looked at me and pulled me on top of her. She said, " Oh yes Nico. Class is in session. You won't need your books for this, as it will be a practical lesson. Now take a deep breath..."
Copyright 2005 B.F. Redd
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