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Old 12-11-2006, 01:08 AM
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Dominating The Tease

If it weren’t for her, I’d be done this by now. The only thing holding me back is her wandering hand traveling up my thigh. Tonight seems so far away. My eyes do their best to focus on the half done resume on the computer screen in front of me. What are my personal traits? I’m pretty damn hot and bothered, what am I qualified for? The voice of the receptionist booming over the speaker interrupts my thoughts to tell everyone that the library will be closing shortly. As we leave the lab, I grab her hand tightly and tug her towards the nearest exit.
”Well aren’t you motivated today.” She whispers.
I spot a vacant alley up ahead, and push her into the solid wall with authority.
“How could I not be with your lips teasing me for the last hour and 17 minutes?”
She looks briefly at my curved smile
“You could learn to control y---“ My lips catch the rest of her sentence in a hungry lock. Her hands go from resting on my hips to my ass, pulling my heat into hers.
”Excuse me…girls. Could you please go...practice somewhere a little more...private?” The security guard hardly squeaks out.
”Well I guess I’ll just have to help you study the female anatomy else where.”


“My face is up here dear.” I place my fingers on her jaw line, moving her gaze to meet mine.
“I can’t help it, sorry. Hey...I bought this new CD the other day, want to listen to it?”
“Okay. Sure. Where is it?”
“Oh, down in my room. C’mon.”
New CD. Right.

“Ever notice how I can’t come to your house without ending up in your bedroom? Even when we were “just friends”…will you stop eye raping me long enough for us to carry on a civil conversation please?” I giggle out.
“Will you stop talking long enough for me to rape you?” She snaps back.
“You mean eye rape me?”
I lick my lips. A nervous habit.
She kisses me, pushing my back against her headboard as well as her thigh between mine.
“No, stop.” I struggle and try to push her away, but she grabs my wrists with a grip that scorns my skin.
I shout again over the loud thud of my head and arms slamming against the sturdy headboard. Then I saw the rope. “Don’t, please no.”
”Shut your pretty little mouth. You know you can’t fight me.” She snarls, with so much authority it makes me tremble. Covering my mouth with my bandana, she continues.
”I’ve seen the way you look at me. You deserve this. This is your punishment.”
I cry out in pain, and pleasure I refuse to show, as she binds my wrists tightly to the posts, burning my vulnerable skin. Locking eyes with me, she slowly moves down my body. A sharp gasp escapes my lips as she lifts up my shirt, exposing some of my most intimate skin, and biting down. Working her way up, I feel her other hand start moving up my inner thigh, just as slow and teasing as her kissing, causing me to squirm and struggle against the ropes. Making it hurt more.
”Don’t. I mean it. Stop!” I scream, trying to sound as convincing as I could.
The bandana had fallen moments before, allowing me to finally breath through my mouth again. I was concentrating so much on what her hand was doing I was surprised when her lips had finally reached the tender skin of my neck, raping my flesh.
Digging her nails deep into my thigh she growls so close to my ear that I can feel the heat of her breath. “I told you to shut the fuck up. Don’t speak. Don’t move. Tonight, your body is all mine. You’re going to be screaming for me to stop.”
Before I could even think of responding, I feel her hands tugging at my belt, getting it undone within seconds and moving onto the button. She tells me to lift my hips up so she can slip off my pants and I obey her command right away. Leaning forward, her lips press lightly against mine, teasing me with the tip of her tongue. Once again, I feel her hand sliding up my thigh, tracing slowly over the marks she nails left

earlier, making them sting again. My breathing speeds up as her hand reaches the hem of my panties. She places her fingers against my slit and stops kissing me, only long enough to watch my face as she begins rubbing my clit in slow circular motions. A soft moan is forced through my lips encouraging you even more. Pressing harder and forcing longer moans, and through kisses on my neck she says in a breathy voice I almost don’t recognize, “I don’t hear you protesting now, do I?”
“Finish me. Please…” I whimper, writhing under her body.
“What do you want me to do?”
”Fuck me…”
“Sorry. I didn’t quite hear you, what is it that you want?”
”Fuck me! I want it!”
”How bad do you want it?” As she starts finger fucking me harder, the only response I can give her is a long, throaty moan, showing her just how much I can arch my back.


I wake up to my wrists sore and still stinging from the night before and your warm body wrapped around mine. You kiss me gently and tell me to wait here. About half an hour later, you wake me up with breakfast, which consists of my favourite. After eating and talking about what happened the prior night, we finally crawl out of bed and go upstairs. As I successfully check out your ass on the way up the stairs, I let you lead me to the bathroom and show me where the towels are.
”You know Taylorr…we could save water if we showered together.” I say with a righteous cocked eyebrow.
”You know, you’re right. But I’m only going to, to save water hot water.”
”Of course.”
I hadn’t put on any clothes so I just hopped in and let you start the water. The shower was filling with hot steam as you closed the door and turned to face me, looking me straight in the eye. A soft gasp pushes though your lips as I pull your pelvis into me hard and kiss down your neck. The water running down our bodies, making it easy to run my fingertips across your teasing wet bodice. Grabbing your hips again, I lift you up slightly, backing you up against the cool tile, touching your clit with my thigh. Slowly my hands slide down your chest, lingering in the sensation of your wet body, following your smooth curves and caressing your flawless thighs, causing you to shiver under my touch despite the intense heat. Parting from your lips, I begin kissing down your neck, past your collarbones, lingering at your deeply heaving chest. Dragging my nails ever so lightly up your back, I kiss down your glistening cleavage line and close my lips and tongue over your nipple. You softly moan out my name and dig your nails into my neck. Encouraged, I kiss further down your stomach, coming to rest on my knees in front of your fidgeting body. As I kiss past your belt line, I use my knee to push your legs a little wider and run the tip of my tongue slowly up your inner thigh.
”Taylorr? Are you in there?”
Fuck. Her boyfriend. Panic rushing over us, we try to make this look as innocent as possible, in case we happened to forget to lock the door. Trying to keep your voice from trembling, you say, “Yeah, Jake. I just felt like taking a long shower.”
”It’s okay; I just came home to ask you if you wanted to go into town with me? I’m off early today.”
”Um, I don’t think so. I don’t feel very well, I think I’m just going to stay in bed all day.” Throwing a smirk at me.
”Oh. Okay. Well give me a call later if you’re feeling better and change your mind.”
”Kay thanks. Bye.”
We remained silent until we heard the car door slam shut. ”Holy fucking hell,” I’m the first one to speak as we step out of the shower. “That would have been a lovely moment to share with your dear..sweet..loving boyfriend.” I say with a mocking, cocky underlining note.
Playfully pushing me you reply, “What do you say, we go out for a while instead of risk sharing something graphic with him?”
”Sounds good. Just let me find my panties.”
”What for?”


“…37. My God. Who would of thought two girls holding hands would attract so many stares.”
”I know. I don’t see the big deal. “ You respond, pulling me closer.
”Imagine how many looks we would get if we started to grope each other whilst walking.”
”Ha, they would start chasing us with burning torches. Never mind just staring.”
”Well! That just wont do now will it?”
”RAYNE!” You scream, making me jump back.
”That car almost killed you! If you don’t start looking before you cross the road I’m going to fuck you up myself.”
”Oh shush. I’ve just about had enough of your lip.”
”Or not enough lip?”
”I don’t appreciate your tone of voice.”
”Really, what are you going to do about it?” you ask, mocking me.
”…I’m going to go buy that skirt!” Wide-eyed, I run into the store with the temptress clothing. Leaving you standing there hesitant about entering a store named Blood Lust.


“No, don’t make me…go in…there. Yeah, okay, meet you in there, whatever.” I grumbled as she left me just standing outside.
That’s okay, it gives me an opportunity. I darted inside, ignoring her beckons for a while as I hastily shoved some money at a heavily pierced, ‘out-and-proud’ sort of store clerk.
”Oh you young-uns.” She said in a bemused sarcastic way, smiling like she was planning to sneak in and watch. Already feeling uncomfortable enough, I ignored the creepiness and quickly undressed. Putting on the strap-on, I hurried to the back, readjusting my pants along the way. And there she was. Wearing the shortest skirt ever. Almost non-existent. She was kneeing down, trying to pretend like she had dropped something.
”Come here, help me find my ring. What took you so long?”
”Oh, I was just…making some friends with the clerks.” I answered, standing right behind her, still not seeing any ring.
”Oh there it is!” She exclaimed, and then pressed herself against my legs and stood up making sure to ignite every nerve ending in my body by grinding against me and dragging her hands up in one fluid motion. I exhaled slowly and bit my lip.
Five taps.
I glanced around the small room, and noticed that it was totally private, but still had merchandise to try out or on, and even, a sort of low couch that could be handy.
”Oh come see this, do you think you’d like this?” She asked me, leaning over the couch to grab a bottle of body candy on a shelf above it. Apparently she was just wearing fishnet stockings, no underwear.
Nine taps.
I grabbed her roughly from behind, pressing what I was packing into her until I was sure she knew what was waiting for her. I dug my nails into the softness of her thigh, and growled into her ear whatever vulgar thoughts came to my mind.
”I’m going to fuck you right here, right now. You can fucking scream and fight me as much as you want but no one can hear you and there’s no fucking way you’re going to get away from me. Not once I’ve got you.”
I turned so we were facing, and grabbed her just beneath her ass, lifting her up and slamming her against the wall. She cried out and dug her much longer nails into my back.
I took that as retaliation.
I dug my teeth sharply into her neck, as hard as I could, until I tasted the metallic sting of blood.
”Don’t fucking fight me.”
She vainly struggled to get away from me, but her legs were wrapped around me and the sheer force of me pressing as hard as I could into her was keeping her up more that my hands.
I knew she felt the bulge in my jeans and I knew she loved it.
I reached down to undo my pants pulling out the very erect strap-on and forced it into her cunt. She moaned as it penetrated her, pressing up against her throbbing clit.
”Fuck,” She breathed into my ear. “Fuck. Harder.”
I ground into her, running my hands up her thighs so tightly wrapped around me. I kissed her neck, down past my teeth marks and along her collarbone. Her nails still dug into my back, but now I took it as encouragement. A small trickle of blood ran down her neck, and I eagerly licked it up. My gaze met hers, and I stopped, momentarily lost in her eyes. She bit my lip sharply, bringing me back to the moment. Filled with renewed lust, I kissed her roughly, pressing my tongue forcefully against hers, tugging on her lip ring with my teeth. I thrusted harder into her, maintaining an eye-lock with her that was more intense than anything I could ever do. I released my grip on her and pulled her over to the couch. She took off my shirt and somehow pushed me onto my back so that she was on top of me. Well now, I wasn’t going to let that happen. I dragged my nails down her spine, making her gasp and arch her back. While she was distracted, I rolled over and forced her on the floor. I kissed down her fish netted thighs, prolonging her relief for as long as I could. I stopped just short of her cunt, breathing hot and heavy on her thigh until she begged me to finish her.
”What did you ask? I didn’t hear a please...” I taunt, enjoying her need.
”Please. Fuck me. Fuck me right here on the floor. I need it. I need you; I need you to devour my body.”
Pressing myself between her legs, she wraps them tightly around me, and I don’t hold back. Making her cry out and writhe under me.
”Oh fuck, faster.” She moans, and I could tell she was close.
I obeyed her request, supporting myself up on one arm to read her face better her nails were dangerously close to piercing the skin of my back. Just as she was about to come, I slapped her across the face, and she arched her back and cried out as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. My back now bore deep lacerations, dripping with blood. Panting, she held me close for a few minutes recovering and just enjoying my warmth and pressure. Once again, her eyes met mine, speaking volumes on lover and contentment without ever needing a word.
”Gonna get that skirt?”
”Yeahhh. Yeah gonna get this skirt.”
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