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Poolside Romp

Poolside Romp
By:Linda Garcia
February 24, 2007

(AUTHORS NOTE: This was written as a follow-up chapter to "Reading Erotica" (Boy/Girl Stories), but can be read as a stand alone. This story also has a male in a voyeur-type role.)

As we climbed the stairs to get out of the pool, I called out, "Stacy, instead of standing there like a voyeur, why don't you get us a couple of towels out of the cabinet there on the left side of the door?" You chuckled.
As Stacy exited the cabana carrying the towels held out in front of her, she said, "How was I supposed to know you two would be out here? I just parked in the back, like I ALWAYS do...I didn't even know your friend here was going to be at the house. I came to go shopping , like we planned, if you..."
I pulled her to me in a tight hug, my full naked form pressed against her. I pulled the towels from her still outstretched hand and tossed one to you. Still holding on to Stacy, I took a step back and sighed, "Damn, you look good girlfriend! You've lost what, another 15, 20 pounds?"
A smile lit up her face and she replied, "No, only 13." I could tell she was pleased that I had noticed. She had been "my chunky" friend for as long as I had known her, which was basically all of my life.Recently she had been told that she was borderline diabetic, and then and there, resolved to take off the extra weight. She was about a size 14 when she started and today, MAYBE a 5, if that big. She looked amazing in a pair of tight jeans and a tanktop (without a bra- I could see her nipples were hard. I guess she enjoyed watching us make love in the pool!)
Finally, I let her go and took a towel for myself, immediately using it to dry the water from my hair to clear my eyes. This done, I turned and made the introductions, "Stace, this is my "very good friend" Ron. Ron this is Stacy. I didn't think you could get away from work so soon, so we made plans to do some shopping this afternoon."
You had taken advantage of the towel and wrapped it around your waist. "Don't worry about me! I should have told you earlier, but I wanted to surprise you...I took the 4 days you're going to be here off, so we could spend some time together. I can't be with you ALL of the time, of course, but at least we'll get MORE time than if I was working."
I was stunned! "You did that for me?" I asked incredulously.
"NO", you replied, "I did it as much for myself as for you... I kind of enjoy being with YOU too, you know!" You kissed me quickly, mumbled something about going to find your clothes and headed on into the house.
Once you had left, Stacy turned to me and said,"Not bad, Girl...not bad at all! I WAS a bit surprised to see find him here though.I had hoped YOU and I could spend a bit of time together. You know, like old times."
Like old times,huh?! We DID have some good "old times" together, Stacy and I! She had been the first woman I had ever seduced, once I had discovered my bisexuality. I had been with some women before her, but I was the one that taught HER how two women can please each other. She was an excellent pupil, I must say! She learned quickly and then soon became the best female lover I'd ever had-including my ex-wife, who had been a lesbian her whole life (but that's another story!)
Just thinking about the passionate lovemaking Stacy and I had shared had my heart beating faster. I had to admit, she was looking damn fine, too! I wondered if she'd let me kiss her, knowing you were just inside. I was about to find out.
I moved closer to her and looked into her eyes. The heat held there was apparent, and I moved in and softly kissed her full, sensuous lips. She sighed, and it was if a faucet had been opened between my legs. I deepened the kiss and met no resistance --in fact, she returned my passion doublefold.
Still standing in the back yard totally naked, I took her hand and whispered, " I want you so bad! Can I? Will you..."With that , she turned and walked away from me...but wait! She didn't head towards the house, she went back into the cabana! It took me but a second to follow, but as I entered the doorway I saw she had already removed her shoes and was about to pull that skin tight tanktop up and over her full breasts.
I hurried to her and covered her hands with mine. I bent in and kissed her again, her lust a palpable entity." Please", I practically moaned, "Let me, okay?" Kissing her here and there before finally pulling the tank up over her head, it was my turn to groan as her boobs finally came into view.
Stacy had always had nice tits, full and firm, and dusty-rose colored nipples that stood proud under my attentions, but with the weight loss, now they were AMAZING! It wasn't that they had gotten any larger or rounder, just that with less skin around them they became much more OBVIOUS! I couldn't help myself, I roughly ran my fingertip across one of the oh-so-sensitive nipples. I was rewarded with a moan and a frantic attempt by Stacy to remove her jeans without unfastening them!
I led her quickly to the chaisse and gently coaxed her to lay back. I took first one nipple and then the other into my hot, steamy mouth as my hands busied themselves with the closure of her jeans.Making fast work of the single button and zipper, I soon had her pants pushed down to her knees.
I could smell the sweet arousal of her sex as I began my descent of her body. Trailing passionate kisses from breast to navel, I lavished her body with admiration and lust. Placing firm, lip only kisses at the top of her mons, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I had a feeling I knew what I'd find when I stole a glance in that direction, and I was correct.
You stood in the doorway, watching the situation unfold. I made a motion to you, indicating you could stay, but not to make any noise and perhaps frighten or embarrass my sexy lover.
My kisses continued and Stacy was enjoying the attention. Her hips were rising each time my lips came near and if her moans were any indication, she was ready to have me bring her off.
I slowly breached the seam of her pussy lips. I slid just the tip of my tongue between them and was rewarded with a groan and her husky voice telling me, " Oh Fuck, Linda! Turn around,. I want to do the same for you.He can stay too...but no touching! Okay?"
Those words set me on fire! I motioned for you to come closer and when you did, i pulled your stiff, swollen cock from your pants. I slid my hand up and down it, once, twice and then ran my tongue roughly over your purple head before placing it into your hand.
You knew what I wanted and as I turned and placed my nearly dripping pussy over Stacy"s wating mouth, you began stroking yourself near enough to me so that when you came, you would shower me in you jism.
I lowered my mouth to Stacy's honey drench love pot and gently seperated her lips with my tongue. Her clit was now exposed and I wasted no time saying hello to my old friend. Remembering how Stacy loved feeling my long, firm long glide over her pucker, I teased her with just a few hard laps and then returned my attention to her juice slickened pussy.
I began a slow dance with my tongue around her hardened clit, teasing and licking with alternating force. Her hips were nearly a blur as he orgasm neared. I used my fingers to fill the void in her pussy, all save the pinky- who had a job all his own.
When I could feel that she was going to cum and there was no turning back, I redoubled my attention to her clit. My tongue was as fast as any vibrator has ever been and my fingers pounded her box like a medium sized and out deeper and yet deeper my fingers slid inside her pussy. When her hips started to pause in their rocking and her breath was held in fits and starts, I slid my juice soaked pinky into the hot,tight space of her ass.
With a loud groan and a torrent of pussy juice, my Stacy came hard and fast! In her excitement, as often happens, she sucked my clit into her mouth HARD, then held it there,drawing me to orgasm as well. With moan and groans filling the room, our pussies twitched and pulsed electricly. Our fluids flowed forth, drenching the others face- and filling the entire room with the aroma of well-fucked pussy!
Just then, I remembered that you were creating a "gift" for me as well. As I turned to face you, ariver of Stacy's cum ran down my chin. this was all it took to bring you to orgasm as well! With each stroke of your fist, a new burst of your cum shot forth, hitting my face and mingling with Stacy's. This only excited you more, and you would spurt again. I had never seen you cum this much (Unless I was IN YOU!) and I think I was a bit jealous.
Finally, we had all relaxed a bit and Stacy looked and me and said,"If we're going shopping...WE ALL need a shower!" So, with that, you and I headed in to the house to shower ther, while Stacy showered in the cabana because, as she put it, "I don't want to leave a trail on Paul and Donna's floor!"
We showered together and showering was ALL we did this time. We'd already made love 3 times and it had been less than 2 hours since you arrived! We lathered each others bodies, paying homage to the parts we liked best, then gently dried each other.
As we put on our clothes, I turned to you excitedly and said, "I have an interesting idea, Ron!"
With a glint in your eye, you chuckled and said, "You usually do, usually do! What is it this time, or should I even ask?" (You wanted to sound a little put out, but it came out more like a little turned on.Of course, that's just the way I like you the best!)
"Come shopping with Stacy and I! Weve got a full day planned....yopu can help us pick out stuff and try them on! Then when we get back about manicures and pedicures all around!'
You groaned and, well, I took that to mean yes...
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