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My First Woman-to-Woman Experience

My First Woman-to-Woman Experience

The first time you make love with a new partner is always exciting, nerve-wracking and a bit awkward; double that if it is your FIRST same sex encounter and then imagine what it must be like if you're also in prison. This is my story about all of the above! My first same-sex encounter happened while I was in prison serving a 10 year sentence on a drug charge.

I had been bi-curious for as long as I can remember. My fantasies during masturbation were often about women that I knew and found attractive, but living in a small town where my father was a minister kept me from making my fantasies reality.

The chance to be with another woman had presented itself several times in the form of a FFM threesome , but I had always turned it down because I knew that if I was with another woman, I wanted it to be a one-on-one experience. I wanted tomake love to a woman without having to compete for her time or attention with someone else, especially not a man. I wanted to be able to take my time and pleasure a woman in all the ways I enjoy being pleasured and I didn't see that as a possibility in a threesome.

When I met Melanie, it was on a professional basis- I worked in the prison beauty salon and she came in as a client. I had never met her before, but she was friendly and outgoing and that always makes it easier for me to do a client's sevice. We talked and laughed and got to know each other as I cut, then colored her hair.

Melanie had one of those personality that put me at ease right from the start. Her quick, sexy smile was an almost constant companion to a hearty laugh that was nearly infectious. As I did her hair, I found myself taking my time so that she could stay in the salon as long as possible.

Finally, when I could stall no longer , it was time for her to return to her living unit. As she was leaving, she told me she had really enjoyed visiting and getting to know me and then asked, if I wasn't busy, if I would like to have dinner with her that evening.

Without hesitation, I gladly accepted, though there was a bit of a problem with us having dinner together. Although we were both classified as "minimum security", we lived in different housing units-she lived in "L" unit and I lived in "J", and the two units didn't go to meals at the same time.

She had obviously done this before because she said she would be the last out of her unit to go to dinner and then would eat slowly and that I should try to be one of the first out of my unit to go to the dining hall and that way we could eat together.

Her plan worked somehow, and we had a good time visiting over dinner. She ate slowly so we would finish eating at the same time. We let the cafeteria and went out and sat in the "yard" , telling each other about our lives outside the fence. As the evening wore on, our conversation became more relaxed and open.

As they announced "recall" for the 6:00PM count of the inmates, she looked into my eyes and said, "Would you still want to spend time with me if I told you I was a lesbian?" Before I could even give her any kind of reply, she continued, "Don't answer yet! Think about it during count and then meet me back right here when count clears. If you're not here, then I"ll know żour answer is no."

Smiling to myself as I walked back to my unit, I knew I wouldn't have to think about it for even a second! From the very first moment she smiled at me, I knew there was something different about her. At that time I didn't know what it was, but now that she told me she was a lesbian it became very clear...I wa attracted to her!

During count, I thought about the things she had told me about herself. She wa a Stanford graduate, a CPA who owned her own business and that she came from a prominent local family. She was in prison after being wrongfully convicted of embezzlement. She appealed her case and had won, and was now just waiting for the orders of release to pass through the chain of command and she would be released. She could be leave tomorrow, or it could be months from now before the papers passed through all the proper hands.

I thought about her all through count. I was thinking about being with her and what it would be like to be her girlfriend. Then I laughed at myself, thinking of how silly I was for even thinking she might be interested in me in "that way".

I told myself She's wasn't interested in me as a girlfriend, she was just being honest about her sexuality because she probably didn't want to waste her time getting to know someone if they were against homosexuality...It made sense that she wouldn't want to put too much of into a friendship with someone that couldn't, or wouldn't, accept her lifestyle.

After what seemed like forever, count cleared and I practically RAN out the door- I couldn't wait to see her again! All at once doubt hit me...she probably won't even be out there-it was all a joke and I fell for it.! Finally, I forced myself to look up and there she was...dark hair, dark eyes and the sexiest smile I'd ever seen -right where she had asked me to meet her!

"I didn't think you'd come, after what I told you-I'm so surprised! Happy, for sure, but surprised", she said as I sat down beside her.

"Melanie, I don't care if you're a lesbian, a matian or a robot," I told her. "I like you...a lot. I AM a bit confused, though. Why would you ask me if I'd still want to spend time with you if you were gay? Do you think I'm so shallow as to choose my friendships based on sexual orientation? Just because I've never been with a woman doesn't mean that I think it's wrong. I believe that we are attracted to, and love, those who compliment our personality and lives. Gender, race or age makes no difference...our hearts can't see, they only feel. I've been attracted to women before, but the opportunity to be with them never arose. One day, if it's meant to be, I'll meet someone that I will love for the rest of my life. I don't know who it will be, but I would certainly never close the door to the possibility that it may be a woman."

Melanie was quiet for a moment and then that sexy smile lit her face once again as she spoke, "Everyone said you were straight, that I was wasting my time even thinking about getting to know you. Now that I know you are open to the possibility of loving a woman, I feel like I stand a chance of winning your heart- if you'll give me the chance, that is."

Now it was my turn to speak. "Babee Girl, I've thought of nothing but you since the very first moment you flashed me that smile back in the salon. I didn't know you were gay, but I knew that I was hoping you'd be interested in getting to know me better. I wasn't exactly sure "how" I wanted you to know me, but I knew I didn't just want to be your hairstylist!"

Grabbing my hands, Melanie pulled me from the grass to my feet. "Come on! Come with me!" she whispered.

She led me to the minimum security library, where the only person working was another inmate. She didn't say anything to the woman behind the desk, she just led me towards the front of the library where the outside crews laundry room was located. The door to the laundry was, locked, of course, but there was a small alcove where two people could stand and not be seen by anyone other than the librarian...the INMATE librarian!

"Hey,Mel! Go're good to go!", the librarian said in a stage whisper..."I'll give you the signal if trouble comes."

With that, Melanie wrapped her arms around me, bent her head to mine and ever-so-gently kissed my lips. A gasp escaped my lips as I was met with the most intense heat and promise -filled kiss of my life. She kissed me like I always had imagined it would be to kiss another woman- her sweet breath mingling with mine as our tongues met, then danced an intimate ballet of discovery and lust.

She pressed her body tightly to me, her leg insinuating itself between mine. Her hand instinctively went to my now hard nipple, squeezing and rolling it the way only an experienced lover can. Her thigh thigh rubbed between my legs and my clit became the center of my world. I was breathing hard and my heart was racing as she pulled back a few inches to look into my face.

"Are you doing okay, Linda? Do you want me to stop?" She asked with an impish, sly little grin on those sweet, sexy lips.
"Oh, God NO!" I replied breathlessly. "This is the closest I've been to cumming without doing it myself in almost two years! You haven't even TOUCHED me and I'm so wet it's running down my thigh! Please, don't stop, Baby, Don't stop!"

"I just had to know that you're sure about this. I won't stop now that I know that you want me as much as I want you," she groaned hoarsely.

Her hand found the waistband of my jeans and she slid her hand down deep. She reached my honey-slickened pussy and a gasp rose from her throat as she encountered my wetness.

Sliding first on e finger, then another, into my begging love box, she found home. Her thumb came to rest firmly against my huge, swollen clit as she began slowly sliding her fingers in and out of my desire drenched pussy, with each inward stroke, her thumb strumming my clit like a harpist playing the strings of the instrument she knows by instinct.

As her pace increased, I felt the tension in my clit and cunny building, screaming out for release. I managed a low,"Stop Melanie. or I'm going to cum! I can't ...Oh God! Oh, Mel....!!! Oh ".... I'm cumming!"

As the words made to pass my lips, she locked her mouth to mine, holding back my screams of passionate ecstasy. As my orgasm tore through my body in wave after wave of pussy wrenching, mind numbing contractions, she held me tightly against her trembling body, her hand bathing in the fiery juices of my orgasmic release.

As my orgasm ebbed, then slowly faded away into sweet memory, she gently eased her hand from my now oh-so-sensitive pussy. Looking into my eyes, she raised her hand to her lips and began licking my sweet nectar from her passion soaked fingers.

After some time had passed, she told me, "Linda, if this is how you respond the first time a woman pleasures you, I can't wait to REALLY make love to you! I want to show you what a woman making love to another woman can be. I want to be the ONLY one to take you to heights of passion and ecstasy you've never imagined or dreamed. I'll give you all I have to give, with just the hope of your love in return, but I have to know that you're mine...MINE and no one elses. If you never want to touch me in a sexual way, it's okay...but I never want another woman to touch you."
As I continued to watch her every move I told her, "I am a one partner person. Being with only you is not a problem for me, but...there's no way that I could ever just take what you offer and give nothing in return. I want to taste you on my lips, to stroke your clit with my eager tongue and feel the pulse of your pussy as I make you cum as hard as you just did for me."

"Recall,ladies! It is recall, recall, recall! Return to your rooms and prepare for count!" crackled over the loudspeaker, jarring us back to the realities of the world we were in for the time being.

"Meet me in front of the cafeteria before breakfast in the morning, Linda. We have plans to make..."

This is the recounting of how I was introduced to the pleasures and passions of woman-to-woman love-making. I was with Melanie for 5 years, in a relationship that continued after my release more that 2 years after hers. There are many adventures that I will recount for you in future stories...if anyone is interested in reading them.
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