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Old 11-26-2007, 07:53 PM
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Warming up

Dana thought the sun felt wonderful on her skin. She had felt frozen to the bone for months and the sun was just what she needed. Dana had taken a job with a large shipping company in Maine just out of college. The work was fast paced and exciting, but the weather was brutal during the winter. Dana thought she could never feel so constantly cold, but she had survived till the spring and had taken two weeks off at the end of May to visit Florida for some sun and a little fun.

Dana had invited a friend name Paula along, but she cancelled at the last minute, leaving Dana with a beach front room to herself. Dana had hoped to move beyond being friends with Paula on this trip, but it never seemed to work out for Dana. Determined to make the best of it, Dana made the trip alone. After checking in at the hotel, Dana had headed straight for the beach and set up in less crowded spot just down from her hotel.

Dana was stretched out on a large towel on her front, trying to get her pale skin to tan even front and back. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight bun to keep it from sticking to her and to let her neck and back tan. Dana had let the back of her bikini open to keep from getting a line across her back. She was comfortable, but feeling lonely being in a new place all alone.

Dana had been lying out for a few hours, dozing lightly in and out, when she felt the sun disappear from her face for a moment, and opened her eyes expecting a creepy guy or creepier teenager. Instead she saw two women, appearing to be close to her age of 23.

The first of the two, a blond, apologize for blocking the sun and hastily spread her towel out and dropped onto it. The Brunette with her gave a quick, slim smile and did the same. The blond was probably 5’8” by Dana’s guess, and curvy. She had hips that gave her a nice hourglass frame, and did well to accent her large breast. Dana guessed her to be at least a D cup, if not larger, she was sure they would dwarf her small, well formed and shaped mind you, but still small, B’s. They were stuffed into a two-piece pink top, which on drew attention to her bust line over her slightly tanned body. The brunette was shorter, probably 5’5”. She was not nearly as curvy, but she looked firm and toned and far more tanned, wearing a brown patterned two-piece.

Dana found them both attractive, but knew that finding women interested in other women was never this easy. Was it?

After stretching out the blond introduced herself as Melinda, Mel for short. The brunette said her name was Whitney. Mel commented on how hard it was to find a good spot and asked if it was ok if they were laid out here. Dana said she had no problem with it and said she could enjoy the company.

Dana, Mel, and Whitney chatted for a while, talking life and jobs. Mel and Whitney worked together as sales reps for a large telecomm company. They were long time friends and spent all their time together. After telling this bit of information to Dana, Mel gave a quick mischievous grin to Whitney. Dana wondered what was up, but let it slide.

The conversation carried on for near two hours. Dana began to feel burnt and said she wanted to head back to her hotel room. Mel and Whitney asked where she was staying and were obviously happy that they were staying at the same place, only four doors down from her. They offered to walk up with her, and Dana accepted, glad for the company. Dana new she was in trouble when she started moving, she was burnt and would be paying for it for a few days. Mel and Whitney noticed her predicament and offered to help her to her room and get her some aloe for her skin.

Dana led them to her room. Dana went in, Mel and Whitney talked for few seconds and Whitney went in behind Dana, while Mel went to go get the aloe.

Dana sat on the bed and was quickly joined by Whitney.

“Feel better to be out of the sun?” Whitney asked.

“Sure does.” Dana answered.

“I don’t want to be to forward, but did you leave anyone at home?”

Dana was slightly taken back, but answered “no” after a second of thought.

“Why do you ask?” Dana inquired.

“Well, Mel and I noticed you looking us over when we walked up. We were curious if you were, well….”

“A lesbian?” Dana finished.

“Yeah.” Whitney responded sheepishly.

“I love women, I won’t deny that, but I’m not going to say I am a lesbian. I have enjoyed a few flings since my high school days.” Dana laid out to a growing smile on Whitney’s face.

Dana was having trouble believing what had come out her mouth. She loved women, there was no doubt in that, but she had just met these two. Dana knew she was pent up. She had only cum by her own hand in nearly nine months, and the sun had warmed more than her skin.

Dana stood and walked towards the bathroom. Dana stopped at the door and turned to Whitney.

“I’ll just be second, don’t go anywhere, I’m just gonna take a quick shower to get the sweat and sand off.”

“I’ll be right here.” Whitney said with a wink.

Dana closed the door and stripped. Her nipples were hard as steel and her pussy was hot and wet and felt soooooo soft to the touch. Dana turned on the water and stepped into the shower, happy for the slight cooling sensation on her burnt back and on her flaming pussy. Dana began washing herself gently starting with her legs and moving slowly up.

Dana was glad for the time to think. She was very attracted to them both, but she was unsure about meeting someone and going this far this fast. Sure, she had had one night stands before. But that was with guys, was this any worse, or better? Dana figured it did not matter. She was horny. She knew these two were attracted to her, obviously, and decided that she deserved some fun. Besides, what was she going to do, hide in her room for two weeks?

Dana finished, and turned the shower off. She stepped out and toweled off, wrapping the towel around herself and walking out into the room. Mel and Whitney were sitting, chatting, on opposite beds facing each other across the opening. Dana could tell by the smile on Mel’s face that Whitney had divulged the conversation from just a few minutes ago.

“You get aloe?” Dana asked of Mel who responded with a nod showing her the bottle. “Good.” She said, dropping the towel and lying down face first on the bed behind Whitney.

Each girl gave out a small gasp at the sudden sight, and each gained a smile, obviously getting the message.

Whitney stood and walked to the other side of the bed, while Mel joined them on the bed. Mel popped the top on the bottle and squirted the gel directly onto Dana’s back. Dana let out a gasp, enjoying the intended torture and the sudden coolness on her irritated skin. Whitney moved up beside her and began gently rubbing the aloe into Dana’s skin.

Dana let out a moan through her bitten lower lip. Her mind was reeling. Her pussy was on scorching now and seeming to hum with sensitivity. She was sure her nipples where going to cut into the mattress.

Mel had joined in and was running her aloe coated hands on Dana’s lower back and up her sides. Dana’s back arched when Mel’s hands reached her breast. Dana couldn’t control it, it just happened, and when Mel cupped her now raised breast, Dana’s hold on reality wavered. She put her hands down to raise herself up to allow easier access and Mel began rolling her nipples. Her mouth was hung open now and she let out a loud moan.

“Oh yesssss.” She moaned.

Whitney took the initiative and moved hands down over Dana’s cheeks and between her thighs. Dana spread open enough to allow access and Whitney went straight to her wet hole. Whitney pressed one finger inside, moving her index finger up the front wall of Dana’s pussy.

Dana came nearly at once, gripping the bed and grinding back against Whitney’s hand. Dana moaned through gritted teeth. Dana came down from the sudden high panting, but with a relieved look on her face.

“She was all wound up.” Whitney said with a smile.

“Just…. so….. long….” Dana panted, “really.. needed.. that.”

Mel and Whitney let go as Dana sat up on the bed on her knees. Dana turned first towards Whitney. She wrapped her arms around Whitney and kissed her hard on the mouth, intertwining her tongue with Whitney’s, undoing the tie on her top in one quick motion. Dana pulled back and pull the top back with her, discarding it on the floor.

Whitney’s breasts were small with small dark areolas and little nipples, but they were perfect for her frame. Whitney had tight firm stomach with just little bit of muscle showing through.
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Old 11-26-2007, 07:56 PM
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Dana then turned to Mel and did the same thing. When Dana pulled back, she was delighted to now see Mel’s breasts. They were large, almost too big for her. Her areolas were pink and two inches across; her nipples were the size of mini marshmallows.

Dana ran her hand on each girl’s thigh, looking both in the eye. Dana’s mind was made up, and she was glad to have met these two.

Whitney moved to Dana and put her arms around Dana’s lower back. Whitney kissed her hard, pressing her hard nipples in between Dana’s breasts. She ran her fingertips down Dana’s stomach, and found her lower lips easily and slid two fingers in between them. Dana let out a soft moan and pulled Whitney tighter to her. Whitney began running her fingers up and down the wet slit, running a circle around her clit and back down to her wet hole.

Mel, not wanting to be left out, climbed off the bed and removed her bottoms exposing her bare shaven mound to the cool air. She moved to the embracing pair and ran her hand up Whitney’s back. Whitney pulled from her kiss with Dana begin kissing on Mel’s neck. Mel let out a soft whimper and rolled her head back. Dana, hearing Mel, opened her eyes and reached out between Mel’s legs. Mel reacted by spreading her thighs and pulling away from Whitney’s soft mouth to rise up till her breast were even height with Dana’s mouth. Dana got the message and sucked Mel’s plump left nipple into her mouth. Dana pushed her fingers into Mel’s moist hole and felt along her front wall for her g-spot. The effect was immediate, Mel placed her hand on the back of Dana’s head to pull her tighter on her ample bosom and let out a breathy “Oh fuck yes.”

Mel and Dana began building together, their hums, then moans, rising in peak and volume, both grinding against the fingers on their most sensitive spots. Dana dug her nails into Whitney’s back as she began to peak, causing Whitney to rub her clit harder. Dana bit down on Mel’s nipple sending her over the edge with Dana close behind.

Mel screamed out and Dana did also, but was muffled by Mel’s breast. Mel’s pussy gushed, surprising Dana with its sudden wetness, but Dana persisted keeping Mel up as high as possible while Whitney continued to work her clit. Both girls worked down slowly, easing their grip and embrace. Whitney, pleased with her work, had a huge smile on her face. Mel moved down, face to face with Dana and kissed her. Whitney leaned in close and was allowed in also, giving all three their first three-way kiss.

Dana broke first, her body aching for more. She somehow knew the feeling was shared.

“That was… wow.” Dana said to Whitney.

“I live to give.” She responded.

“And you, you cum so nice, and you got so wet.” Dana beamed at Mel.

“Her pussy is so sensitive, she always cums a little.” Whitney added.

“Your just jealous, because I cum so easy.” Mel said to Whitney playfully. “Getting you to cum is the real treat.”

“I’m just a little more difficult.” Whitney admitted blushing.

“Hmmm… I like a challenge.” Dana said with a big smile.

Dana moved back slightly and pulled Whitney onto the bed. Whitney gave a small giggle as Dana leaned over her and removed her bottoms, then running her tongue from Whitney’s belly button, across the small patch of short pubic hair to her clit. Whitney gave a small moan and ran her hands up to Dana ass. She gave a light pat, and then gripped down.

“No no no,” Dana said in a shaming tone, “it’s your turn to cum.”

“Mmmm, good luck.” Whitney teased.

Dana began going at Whitney’s clit with gusto. She spread the soft lips and felt with her tongue for the small nub.

“I wanna help.” Mel said, moving between Whitney’s legs and pushing a finger up into her tight hole.

Whitney let out a surprised moan.

“Two on one, huh? I like that.”

Whitney patted the inside of Dana leg and coaxed it over her head, giving her access to Dana’s pussy.

“You can’t just receive, can you?” Mel poked.

“You know me, give give give.” Whitney shot back jokingly.

“You’re such a slut.”

“And you love it.” Whitney retorted as she pulled Dana’s clit to her lips.

Dana had thought the she came so easily twice because she was just pent up and horny, but now she understood. Whitney was dangerously skilled. It felt almost as if Whitney could seek out, and find, all the best spots and hit them all at the same time. Dana’s clit was pushing painful pleasure and she loved it. Dana began pushing her tongue on the underside of Whitney’s clit trying to give as much as she was getting. Mel, meanwhile, was running two fingers inside Whitney, pressing hard on her front wall from the opening to her cervix. Mel had always loved Whitney’s short tight pussy and loved the challenge of making her cum.

Dana didn’t last long. It seemed like mere seconds before she was out over the edge and screaming into Whitney’s clit. Dana refused to let up and kept her tongue firmly on the clit. Dana’s body was shaking, but Whitney never missed a beat, when Dana would cum, Whitney would move to Dana’s hole and stay there till she came down, only to move back to her clit the second she was quiet. Each orgasm seemed better than the last for Dana; she was breaking out in a sweat, the best workout routine ever.

Whitney was enjoying all the attention also. Mel knew what she liked and was persistent enough to get her to the top. Her orgasm was a faint twinkling on the horizon, but each time Dana screamed out it got a little closer. Her body began to quiver, showing the early signs. Mel leaned in and applied her tongue to the outer lips, sometimes brushing her tongue with Dana’s. Dana enjoyed in immensely, and it only made her cum harder.

Whitney started a low hum on Dana’s clit, her orgasm slowly building to critical. Dana was in a constant orgasm now, never coming down, just seeing constant fireworks as her body was wracked with pleasure. Whitney started to roll her hips back and forth. She gripped down on Dana’s ass cheeks, holding her to face.

“You gonna cum baby?” Mel inquired.

All she got back was low whining “uh huh.” Mel smiled.

“You wanna cum for us?”

Whitney always loved the playful teasing as she built up, but she had never had it like this. Her orgasm built up quickly, causing her back to arch and her to begin to thrash.

Whitney finally released from Dana’s clit and began to talk loudly, most of it was an indecipherable mix of garble and obscenities, but Mel and Dana both made out the “YES” and “MORE”. Dana wrapped her arms around Whitney’s leg and sucked down hard oh her clit.

“OH FUCK.” Whitney screamed. “OH FUCK, YALL.”




“OOOH MYYY” was all Whitney got out before it started. She screamed in one loud note, wrapping her legs around Mel to pull her in closer and hugging Dana around her waist, Dana’s overworked and excited clit rubbing on her neck. Whitney came for a full 30seconds, running out of breath only to draw in and begin screaming again.

As her orgasm subsided, Whitney eased her arms on Dana and her legs on Mel. Dana had not stopped and was dragging her tongue slowly up and down Whitney’s slit, tasting all her juices. Mel leaned back, huge smile on her face. Mel leaned forward and kissed Dana on the top of the head then rose to move to the head of the bed.

Whitney looked half-asleep.

“Enjoy?” Mel asked.

“You need to get her to stop, sooo sensitive.” Whitney replied, her voice rising and falling comically in pitch in time with Dana’s tongue.

Mel patted Dana’s cheek. “Stop baby, she’s super sensitive after.”

Dana lifted her head and turned to face her new lovers. “I can imagine. I have never seen someone cum so hard.”

Whitney gave soft moan, the familiar aches and quakes still moving through her body.

Dana rose, turned and lay beside Whitney. Dana kissed Whitney softly, each girl tasting her own juices mixed with the other. Mel joined them, enjoying the sweet taste of pussy juices and the bitter of sweat.
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Mel stood, both girls turned to look at her.

“I need to potty.” Mel said as she turned to walk away. Mel stopped just before going out of sight and turned back to look at the two embraced bodies on the bed. “And YOU,” She said looking right into Whitney’s eyes, “no scheming.”

“But mom…” Whitney pouted jokingly.

Mel did not wait for a response and walked into the bathroom.

“Ok, we have to hurry.” Whitney whispered to Dana.


“I want to get her good, to ya know, pay her back.”

“For what?”

“Seeing you first and making the first move.”

“Ah.” Dana smiled to herself, wondering how that first conversation went.

“Ok, here’s what you’re gonna do. When she comes out, get her to stand at the foot of the bed. When she is there, kneel in front of her and ask her if you can service her pussy. She always loves that, she likes to play the dominant. But be careful, go slow, she peaks easily and she cums.”

“Ok.” Dana complied, moving to stand near the end of the bed. Dana was unsure what she meant by ‘she cums’ and was uneasy about someone playing dominant, but she figure if Mel liked giving pain, she would have done it by now.

Dana heard the toilette flush and saw Mel walk back out. Dana reached out her hand to Mel and led her to the foot of the bed. Mel saw Whitney’s evil grin and knew she was scheming again. It was ok, Mel loved to play along.

Dana had her stand at the foot of the bed and kneeled. “Ms. Melinda, may I service you?”

Mel turned to give a oh-you-are-in-trouble-now look to Whitney, who was kneeled on the bed, her nipples in between her finger enjoying the after cum sensations.

Mel turned back to Dana at her feet, “Yes you may, my dear.”

Dana scooted a little closer and wrapped her hands around the back of Mel’s soft thighs. Mel spread her legs slightly to give better access while Whitney moved up behind her to watch over her shoulder.

Dana tentatively slid her tongue along Mel’s outer lips, moving in slow circles around the edges, never getting too close to the middle. When Dana would reach Mel’s clit, she would reverse directions so as not to get to close to it, being careful not to get Mel too excited too fast.

Whitney ran her hand around Mel’s middle, palms flat on her stomach. She moved slowly up to Mel’s breast. She lifted them slightly, feeling their weight and squeezing them in her small hands. Mel let out a small moan, Whitney knew it would not take long for her to cum, but she wanted to torture her a little.

Mel looked down, seeing her breast being squeezed and Dana’s brown eyes looking right up at her. Mel thought it might have been the best sight ever. Mel slid her hand down to Dana’s head to coax her to get a move on. Dana was supplying just enough pleasure to get Mel started up, but she thought it would take hours for her to cum like this. Dana was having fun torturing her; Whitney thought it was fun also.

Whitney moved her fingers to Mel’s large nipples and began pushing and teasing them lightly. Mel began to coo softly. Mel turned her head to face Whitney.

“I love you.” Mel said in a breathy voice.

“I love you too.” Whitney replied with quick pinch of Mel’s nipples causing her to moan.

Dana took this opportunity to slide her tongue in between Mel’s folds. Mel gripped down on the back of Dana’s head trying to move her tongue directly onto her own sensitive clit.

Dana was having none of it. Dana had finally got it, Mel orgasmed easily, she was overly sensitive, like she was always just coming down from a previous orgasm, and when she finally peaked, all hell broke loose. It would be like with Whitney earlier, just so much easier. Dana thought she might have found the perfect yin and yang couple, in the bedroom at least.

Dana pushed her tongue at Mel’s opening, tasting the small dribbles that were running out.

Mel was moaning up and down now. Whitney was rolling her nipples with constant pressure while squeezing her tits and Dana was feeding her just enough to keep Mel’s fire stoked. Mel was working up slowly, she always liked cumming quick, but she knew Whitney was trying to make it special for her.

Dana, moving in a zigzag pattern, began to slowly move up towards Mel’s clit. The pitch of Mel’s moan rose the closer she got. When Dana found the large nub, probably the width of a soda can tab, she moved in slow circles trying not to apply too much pressure. Mel moaned out, much louder now, saying loud and long ohs and ahs.

Dana tortured her for another little bit before flicking between Mel’s lips to press hard directly on her clit, Mel went from loud moans screaming. Mel was suddenly forcing Dana’s head hard into her clit, her back arched, giving Whitney easier access to her breast. Mel had her face raised to the ceiling, mouth hung open in a long loud note.

“OH GOD, IT’S RIGHT THERE.” Mel screamed out.

“Get ready.” Whitney said to Dana, looking her in the eyes over Mel’s shoulder.


“Don’t let up, give it all to her.”


“Here she cums.”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!.” Mel screamed out as her back arched violently.

Dana was holding on for dear life now. Mel’s pussy had begun to get really wet towards the end, but now there was a torrent of juices flowing from her. Dana could feel the hot juices on her breast and nipples and some of it on her stomach, her chin and neck were soaked.

Whitney was watching in frozen delight, she had Mel’s nipples pinched hard in her fingers and was trying to keep her stood up so Dana could keep it going. Whitney loved seeing her cum, it was just, so, so, HOT. Whitney knew the treat Dana was getting right now and wished it was her, but there was plenty of time for that later.

Dana kept up her assault on Mel’s clit, wanting to keep her going as long as possible. Mel did not disappoint. Mel would peak, screaming till she was out of breath, then drop back to a loud moan. It would be only seconds and she would peak again, giving Dana another load of her juices on her face and into her mouth.

Mel began to lose strength in her legs after her fifth orgasm and fell back on the bed, with Whitney under her.

Dana lost contact with her only momentarily. She moved forward quickly and pushed her middle finger into Mel’s soaked pussy. Dana placed her lips and tongue back on Mel’s now more swollen clit and kept back at it. Mel peaked again quickly, her back arching hard enough to press Whitney into the bed.

“OH God, stop.” Mel panted.

Dana looked up, leaving her finger working deep inside Mel. “But this is what you wanted wasn’t it? You picked me out, remember. I bet you thought, ‘hmmmm, she’ll be fun’ didn’t you.”

Mel let out a loud moan followed by a panting, “thought you had a really cute butt, oooohhh, wanted a treat for my birthday, aaaahhh, oh god that feels so good, Whitney wanted to see me, oh god, cum on you, Oh I’m gonna cum again.”

“And again and again birthday girl.” Dana added with a smirk.

Whitney smiled broadly as Dana moved back to Mel’s clit. She was peaking again quickly, moaning loudly as Whitney and Dana kept up their work on her.

Dana ate Mel till the well ran dry.

The bed between Mel’s legs was soaked. Dana moved up onto the bed beside Mel as Whitney moved from beneath her. Mel was near asleep, her whole body drained. Dana and Whitney helped her to the other bed and climbed in on either side of her. All three were asleep in mere minutes. Mel fell off first, with Dana close behind, and Whitney drifting off last, the vision of Mel cumming onto Dana’s face still fresh in her mind. With smile on her face, she finally slept also, but only for a while.

Dana woke over two hours later next to Mel, but Whitney was missing.

“Whitney?” Dana asked into the room.
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“Food.” Mel replied groggily rolling over to face Dana.


“Whit’s always hungry afterwards. She’s an eating machine.”

“Tell me about it.” Dana cracked, causing both girls to laugh.

Dana put her arms around Mel and moved close to her, touching her forehead to Mel’s. Mel gave a soft satisfied moan and drifted back off. Dana drifted off also.

Whitney crept back in the room using the key swiped from the dresser on her way out. She saw Dana and Mel cuddled together asleep and smiled to herself, wondering if Dana would stay, if just for a little while. Whitney slipped in next to Dana, stomach now full, she could sleep some.


Mel and Whitney worked just a hour north from the hotel, but had taken all their vacation for the year to celebrate Mel’s birthday.

Dana only had the two weeks off from work, but she made the most of it. Dana checked out of her room early and stayed in Mel and Whitney’s room, all three sleeping in the same bed.

Days were spent on the beach or in the room, nights were spent at nearby bars and clubs, the three attracting lots of attention and free drinks, but always going home the same way they came in, arms around each other.

Dana was amazed at the differences between her two new friends. Whitney was always on full throttle, but was shy around new people and new places. Whitney could eat her weight in a day Dana figured, never seeming to gain a pound; it “Makes me sick.” Mel would say with a smile. Mel struggled with her weight, even though Dana thought she could be the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, fuck all them stick figures. Mel was always outgoing, meeting new people everywhere they went, and of course, lots of guys approaching her because of her bustline.

Dana fell right in between them easily, both literally and metaphorically. They were great together.


“Oh yeah, like that.” Dana cooed.

Mel and Whitney each had one of Dana’s nipples in their mouth. Today had started like most days, with whoever woke up first playing with the nearest body. The room was cool, with just a slight bit of sunlight coming into the room through the west looking glass doors. Whitney was lightly rubbing Dana’s outer lips with one hand and her own lips with the other while Mel was pinching her own nipple.

Dana was barely awake, but the sensations were bringing her around quickly.

Dana’s back arched and she let out a low moan, her first orgasm of the day.

Dana opened her eyes and looked at Mel, still playing with her nipple. Dana gave a smile and rolled Mel onto her back. Dana took the other nipple into her mouth and sucked down hard causing Mel to moan suddenly. Dana slipped her hand down between Mel’s thighs. She slipped two fingers into Mel’s hot box and used her thumb to press on her clit, Dana had figured out that Mel loved this, it always brought her off fast and hard.

Dana turned head to look at Whitney, resting her head on Mel’s breast. Whitney was sat up; her legs spread wide facing Mel and Dana. She was rubbing herself furiously, using her pinky and ring finger to pump her pussy and her index finger was on her clit. Her other hand was being used to tease her ass, just rubbing it lightly with her index finger. Whitney’s head was back, she was moaning long and low.

Mel came first, as always, wrapping her arms round Dana and screaming out as her pussy gushed. Dana guided her down slowly, not wanting to ruin another set of sheets.

Whitney looked just too delicious to Dana who moved over to her and took her right nipple into her mouth. Mel followed suit and took the other one.

“Oh yes babies.” Whitney whispered. Whitney had coined babies instead of using just baby when playing and petting with the other two. It had stuck.

Dana nudged Whitney onto her back. Dana moved up Whitney’s right to her lips and kissed her softly, intertwining their tongues while rolling her nipple in her fingers. Mel moved down between Whitney’s legs and licked up and down her slit in long practiced strokes. Whitney’s left hand was still busy teasing her ass, but her right was now wrapped around Dana’s neck.

Whitney started to ramp up, her back was arching and legs were starting to kick. Whitney wrapped both her arms around Dana’s neck, pulling Dana ear right to her mouth. And in words almost to low to hear, even that close, Whitney whispered “I would share her with you forever and she would share me also, just something to think about.”

Dana sat up in the bed, a shocked look on her face, looking in Whitney’s eyes for something more, but Whitney gave nothing as she closed her eyes and began to moan loudly.

Mel slipped her hands under Whitney’s raised butt and squeezed both cheeks. Whitney let out a glorious scream and she came.

Dana watched it all from the side, scared and excited.

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