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Old 10-01-2008, 08:47 PM
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The Bachelorette Night

Katie Carter pulled her car into the driveway of her parents house and sighed. She was here for her older brothers wedding. After a few years of dating, Cory and Jennifer had finally decided to get married. She liked Jennifer enough. She just hadn't had a chance to get to know her well. So why the woman had picked her as a bride's maid, she'd never know. Oh well, it had gotten her two weeks off from work; something she defianately needed.

Katie entered the house and called out, "Anyone home?" "In here," came her mother's voice. She entered the living room to find her mother sitting on the couch, a glass of wine in hand, and Jennifer, along with a few of her friends, sitting in the middle of the floor. Fake flowers were scattered everywhere as they set about making bridal boquets, corsages, and floral arrangements; a wine glass from each placed with in reaching distance. She watched as Jennifer stood up and introduced her to the three others there and then herself. She took her mother's bottle of wine and poured herself a glass before sitting down to help the others.

By the time dinner had rolled around, Katie was laughing and cutting up with the others. She was surprised to learn that her soon-to-be sister-in-law was twenty-eight years old; eight years older than herself and three years older than her brother. Whereas the others were the same age as her, twenty-two; one actually being younger. The next three days seemed to fly by and the wedding was now tomorrow. And with that came the best part of the whole affair; the bacholarette party.

Katie entered the bar and stared at the man on the stage ripping the police officers uniform from his body as they did. "Oh my God," she gasped as she came to a complete halt and stared at the naked man. The others behind her stopped just as abruptly and nearly knocked her over. The waiters were all naked, except for the skin tight thongs that they wore, revealing some very nice packages. Eagerily, they found a table and ordered drinks.

It was nearing one in the morning when Katie and Jennifer entered the room that they were sharing at the Carter home. "Oh my," she said as she pulled her shoes and socks off, "that was so much fun." Her head spun just a little as she fell over onto the bed, barely sitting up as she did. "I'm glad we took and cab there and back," Jennifer said as she too fell over on the bed next to her, "because none of us was in any condition to drive." "I agree," she said as she turned on the lamp next to the bed. Giggling they leaned on each other. She was feeling really good, to good to drive, but still able to know what was going on around her. But what Jennifer done next sobered her quickly.

Jennifer had watched Katie all night long. She might be getting married to the woman's brother tomorrow, but she had been looking Katie over all night long. Her long brown hair was braided, causing the tail of it to rest just above her ass. She had the prettiest blue eyes she'd ever seen. Her tight blue jeans revealed her luscious ass and curvasous hips. She was so small chested that she didn't have to wear a bra with the spaghetti strapped tank top she wore. Cory knew that she was bisexual. He even had watched her as she had sex with some of her other girlfriends. But she now wondered what Katie would do if she made a move on her. While they were leaned against each other, she slipped her arm around Katie's and squeezed her hip. She leaned even closer and softly kissed her on the lips. She saw the shocked look on her face and said, "Don't worry. Cory knows that I like girls too. In fact, he's watched me several times."

Jennifer ran her fingers up Katie's arm and watched as the younger woman shivered; and not from being cold either. "Jennifer," Katie said as she turned towards her, placing her hands to her chest as she said, "I'm very flattered, but I've never been with a woman before." "Then let me show you," she said. She leaned into her and again softly kissed the younger woman's lips; this time, she didn't back away. The kiss was nice and sensual as their lips parted at the same time; their tongues grazing each other as they slipped into the others mouth. She rested her hand on her breast and began to massage one. She heard her soft moan and continued in her seduction.

Jennifer leaned back and smiled at Katie; taking in her shoulder length red hair and green eyes. "That was nice," she cooed as she continued to play with the breast in her hand. Her smiled grew when Katie touched her own and lightly squeezed it. She unbottoned her shirt and let it fall from her shoulders. She then removed the lace bra she wore, allowing her medium sized breasts to breathe. She didn't even have to coax Katie to suck them. The other woman eagerily leaned down and drew one into her mouth. The heat from her mouth was wonderful.

Katie moaned as she drew Jennifer's hard nipple into her mouth. The softness of her skin was something she hadn't taken into consideration. She moved her hand down between her legs and felt the heat radiating from Jennifer's womanhood. She rubbed it threw the jean fabric in the same manner as guys had her. She heard the other woman's moan and felt the heat intensify. She kissed her way down her stomach and to the jean mini skirt she wore. She reached up under the skirt and pulled the bikini panties from her and tossed them aside.

Katie smiled when Jennifer pushed her skirt up and placed a leg on each of the chair's arms. She played with the soft red hair before spreading it apart and revealing the pouty lips of her womanhood. She spread the lips apart and for the first time ever, licked her way up the slash, flicking the clit with her tongue. She liked the taste of her and repeated the movement several times. Soon, she was tasting the sweet juices flowing from this other woman. She felt Jennifer's hand resting on the back of her head and then gently pushed her harder onto the swollen clit. She could feel it throbbing against her lip as she sucked it. "Katie," she heard her softly say as pressed her harder to her.

Katie slipped a finger into Jennifer as she continued to flick the throbbing clit before her. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as Jennifer gripped the chair arms just below her legs and gasped. "Oh my God, Katie," she nearly screamed. She couldn't keep from giggling at the hushed scream. She was in the frame of mind to remember that there were others in the house with them. So she did understand why she didn't scream louder. She licked the juices from the red head before sitting back on the floor.

Jennifer sat in the chair, gasping for air. She looked at Katie through satiated eyes. "Let's get those jeans off," she said, "and I'll return the favor." She smiled when Katie got on the bed as she removed her skirt. She then undone the others jeans and pulled them from her body. Next, the lacy thong went sailing as she shot it like a rubber band. "MMM," she moaned as she ran her hand over Katie's love mound, "you shave. I like the feel of a smooth pussy. I'd shave my own if your brother would let me. He likes a big natural bush."

Jennifer laid between Katie's legs and flicked her tongue on the throbbing clit before her. She smiled as Katie grasped the sheets next to her. She slipped first one, then another, finger into the tight hole. She smiled as Katie bucked feverishly. She felt the juices flowing over her fingers and onto her toungue. She moaned at the sweet taste of her. She worked her fingers in and out of her as she sucked at the swollen clit. She heard Katie's squeal and again tasted her.

Jennifer kissed her way up Katie's body and sucked on her breasts. She felt the younger woman's arms wrap around her neck and pull her closer. She then kissed up her neck before kissing her deeply. "I've got a strap on, if you'd like," she whispered into her ear. "Oh God, yes," Katie groaned. She pullled it from her bed side table and in moments, she was sliding it into her as she done her doggy style; both begining to pant and moan heavily.

Katie bucked back onto the strap on that Jennifer wore. It was a little bigger than the men she had been with, and she loved the way it felt. She felt her braid being wrapped around Jennifer's hand and then her head was jerked back. "Oh God," she gasped as the pleasure swept over her in waves, "that's it, Jennifer. That's it. Fuck me with your strap on." "You like it, huh," Jennifer taunted. "You like having me fuck you, don't you?"

Katie came as Jennifer pushed in hard and held herself there. "God, Katie," Jennifer gasped as she pulled out and then fell to the bed. She smiled as she too fell to the bed, gasping for air. The strap on now laid between them as they smiled up at the ceiling. Jennifer rolled over so that she looked at her. "Are you going to come and visit me," the older woman asked. She felt her finger tips along her arm as she said, "Cory has to go out of town quite a bit. You could come and visit when he's away if you wanted." She smiled at her. "I'd even introduce you to some of my girlfriends. That is if you'd be interrested." "I'd be very interrested," she said.

Katie smiled as Cory and Jennifer said their vows. Once the cake was cut and the dancing began, Jennifer pulled Katie off to the side and introduced her to two of her girlfriends. "I just thought you girls might like to keep each other company while I'm away for my honeymoon," the newly wedded wife said. Katie looked the two other girls over and then smiled at her new sister-in-law. For the remainder of her visit, she had lots of fun with her "new friends". And when Jennifer returned, she too helped in making it a very nice visit indeed.
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