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Old 09-18-2009, 01:31 PM
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Room 207

I woke up for the third time that night and stared at the ceiling. After driving all day I should be exhausted. Moonlight streamed through the crack between the curtains. Turning my head, I looked at the clock beside the bed. The green light screamed 12:48 AM. With a groan, I rolled over and stared at the glow around the mostly closed curtains. I felt wide awake. I felt like I needed something but I didnít know what exactly what it was. Then I thought of her.

Maybe I was just feeling off since I wasnít at home in my own bed. I shut my eyes and her faced appeared in my mind. She had been wearing a blue jean mini skirt and a white button up top. She stared at the lobby clerk with sparkling brown eyes as he typed in her information. Handing her a small piece of paper, she bent her head to sign the receipt. Her long, dark hair cascaded over her shoulder and across her cheek. She smiled as she handed it to him. Her lips were a soft, glossy red color. ďOk Ms. Cortez, youíre all set. Room 207 is just down the hall on your left.Ē She flashed him another smile and thanked him in a soft voice. I donít know what it was about her but I couldnít stop staring at her. Thank goodness she didnít seem to notice.

I was surprised that someone else was checking in as late as I was. Like me, she seemed to be alone (which was also surprising to me). I was assigned room 234. It was in the opposite wing of where her room was located. Now I found myself replaying her image over and over in my mind. Why was I so drawn to her? I shivered as I remembered her absolutely gorgeous face. The way her lips parted and shined as she smiled. Her long, black hair flowing down her back like a waterfall. Her eyes, glittering like the water on a lake with the sun blazing down on it. I even recalled the smell of her perfume as she walked off in the direction of her room. I took in a deep breath as if that would bring her scent into my lungs again.

I shivered and pulled the blankets up around my shoulders. I didnít feel cold but goose bumps jumped out all over my skin. Finally, I recognized what it was that I wanted. Her silhouette burned in my mind again. I was being held prisoner by desire. I wanted HER. I wanted to touch her carmel skin. I had no doubts that it would feel silky and soft. I wanted to stare deep into her eyes and try to unravel their mystery. I wanted to run my fingers through her shining hair and to smell her fragrance that called to me. I smiled as I thought about the way her ass looked in that tight little skirt.

She was alone, right? I didnít see anyone else with her and she had been clutching a single, small suitcase. I couldnít imagine her not having a lover. Maybe he had arrived a short time after her. I almost had myself talked out of what I had already decided to do. I couldnít believe I was even thinking about trying such a thing. I was functioning on pure instinct, regardless of rationalization. I made my way to my door and pressed my ear against it. The silence in the hallway drove me forward. I opened my door and stepped into the hall, glancing quickly around for unexpected hall wanderers. I strode in the direction of her room, clad only in my matching black lace bra and thong. Under any other circumstances, I would have been horrified at the thought of being seen by strangers in such meager clothing. Tonight, however, I didnít care.

I stopped at the edge of the hallway where it opened up into the lobby area. I peeked around the corner to the desk. It was still the same clerk as before. His shoulders drooped as he slowly typed on his computer. I started as he stretched and yawned loudly. He went back to typing, his back facing me. I counted on him being too tired to really notice anything going on around him. With a final wave of courage, I stepped out in plain view and continued walking swiftly until I was covered by the wall of the opposite wing. I breathed a sigh of relief when everything remained silent and I didnít hear footsteps coming to investigate. My bare feet made no sound as I read the descending numbers on the doors. Finally, I found itÖroom 207.

I raised my hand to knock on the door and paused. Maybe she was already asleep. Part of me was still trying to get control over my animal-like side. I looked down at the floor and saw a faint glow seeping out from under the door. That was all it took. I softly knocked and listened intently. I was debating whether I should knock a little louder or just leave when I heard the rattle of the door chain and the dead bolt unlock. She had to have seen me through the peek hole and wondered why some crazy girl was knocking on her door at almost one in the morning. My heart was frantic as the door slowly opened. I could feel my entire body start to shake.

She stood staring at me as she pushed the door all the way open. Iím sure she was shocked to see me standing there in such little clothing. Obviously, she had only seen my face with the peek hole being level with my head and I had been too close to her door for her to see the rest of me. She was clearly a night person. She hadnít gotten dressed for bed yet. She still wore that teasing skirt although now the top few buttons of her shirt were undone. I gazed at her just slightly exposed cleavage. My eyes traveled around the curve of each breast and I wished I could see more. Coming to what little senses I had left, I simply brushed by her and walked into her room. I could feel her dazzling eyes locked on me as I walked towards her bed. I turned around to face her as I softly sat down on the edge. I expected her to say something but she only stood there with a surprised expression on her beautiful face. For the millionth time, my nerve almost gave out and I debated sprinting out of the room before she decided to call security.

Slowly, a smile spread across her luscious lips. My eyes locked onto her ass as she turned and shut the door. My heart raced as I heard the chain rattling and the deadbolt being slid into place. My breathing stopped when she did a little dance as she slid her skirt slowly down over her ass and onto the floor. She knew I was watching every little move that she made. I smiled at the irony of her also wearing a black thong. I couldnít tell what it was made of but I could see that it wasnít lace like mine was. Turning towards me, she slinked over to where I sat. I already decided that she was going to tease me but I secretly hoped I was wrong. Before I could think anything else, she walked right past me and climbed onto the other edge of the bed and crawled into the center. Her eyes never left mine and I could see a fire blazing deep inside hers.

She sat there on her knees as my eyes traveled all over her body. She laughed softly and whispered, ďCome get me, baby.Ē Her voice nearly made me melt. It was smooth and smoky. She had a slight accent, making me even more drawn to her. Tiny shadows danced all over her honey-colored skin with every slight movement she made. I crawled over to join her in the middle of the king sized bed. We sat there on our knees, facing each other, each tracing over the otherís body with hungry glances. I reached out and brushed back the strands of her hair that had toppled over her shoulder. My hand took on a life of its own as it curled a finger over the edge of her shirt. My fingertip barely brushed against her skin as it descended toward her breasts. I felt the edge of her bra. I stopped and looked at her face again, not believing that she was allowing me to partake of her. My other hand grasped the other edge of her shirt and I quickly tore her shirt open. Buttons flew in all directions as the shirt drifted off her body. My pussy quickly grew wet at the sight of her breasts, covered only by her black leather bra. I pressed my body against hers as I slid the now button-less shirt over her shoulders.

She had her head tilted back, exposing her throat. I accepted the invitation and nibbled down her neck as my hands slid over the leather cups of her bra. I kneaded and massaged each breast as I continued kissing down across her collarbone. I felt my nipples growing hard, longing for attention from her. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Slipping the straps down her shoulders, I watched her slide free. The bra dropped out of my hand and onto the floor. I was so engrossed by her breasts as they bobbed right in front of my face that I didnít even realize when my own bra vanished. I traced around the edge of one of her breasts with my fingertips as I pressed my mouth over the nipple. I shivered as I felt her touch on my breasts as I continued to suck and flick my tongue over her taut nipple.

Breathing heavily, I stopped what I was doing and leaned back, exposing my breasts to her. She followed suit, locking her mouth tightly over one nipple as she teased and pinched the other. Her warm breath caressed my chest and stomach. I smiled as she continued to circle it with her tongue as she barely grazed her hand down my stomach and abdomen. Where her hand touched felt like dozens of tiny lightning bolts radiating out through the rest of my body. Her hand came to a stop just at the top of my thong. I donít know where it came from but there was suddenly a silvery glint. Cold metal pressed against each hip as her knife sliced through the straps of my thong. The lace cloth gave way and fell. Before I could react, she placed a hand on my throat and pushed me back onto the bed.

She straddled one of my legs, pressing her still thong-covered pussy against my leg. I could feel how warm it was. I begged in silence for that damned thong to disappear. She could read me easily. She reached around herself and untied the knot that was keeping on her thong. I hadnít noticed the straps before but I was a little distracted. The leather tickled my thigh as she slipped it out from under her and tossed it. She rubbed her pussy against my leg and I could feel her wetness. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. When I opened my eyes again, she had those dark eyes burning into mine. Her hair tickled my sides as she crawled up to me, her breasts dragging up my body.

I froze, waiting for her to make her next move. She paused with her lips just inches from mine. Her breath was sweet as it swept over my cheek. She closed her eyes and lowered her lips to mine. I placed my hands on either side of her face, pulling her lips tightly to mine. My tongue entered her mouth, wrapping around hers. She sucked at it softly and nibbled it before she broke our kiss. I felt like my breath had been stolen from me. My chest heaved and my heart pounded in my ears. I wanted her. I wanted her now.

She slid her hands down between our bodies, edging her fingertips to the top of my soaked slit. I shivered all over with anticipation. Her fingers danced along the edges of my lips, parting them slightly every now and then. After a few more minutes of teasing, she drifted her entire body down until her head was between my thighs. She shot me a quick smile then pressed
her face between my legs. Her tongue lapped feverishly at my clit, then darted into my begging pussy. I could feel every movement her tongue made inside me. She would stop occasionally to nip and suck at my lips and clit before diving her tongue back in. The sensation had me grabbing and clawing at the sheets. Just as my muscles would tighten and clench, she would stop and change what she was doing. I knew she was going to be a tease!

I moaned as the tip of her tongue slowly circled my clit. When she was satisfied that I had been tormented enough, she rubbed at my clit with her fingertips as she drove her tongue into me again and again. Sweat caused my skin to glisten as I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming. My muscles quivered and clenched as she continued to work on me. Finally, I couldnít hold back any longer. With a scream, I came, my hips jolted and my body quivered. She smiled and placed a hand on my abdomen, watching my body thrust and shake. I gasped for air, my chest rising and falling rapidly. How long I laid there I donít know but once I regained my wind, I was ready for more.

She had laid down beside me, her warm body pressed against mine. I could still see some of my juices on her face but she didnít seem to care. She smiled at me. I rolled over on top of her, my nipples pressing into her and gently dimpling her skin. I softly kissed her forehead and snaked my way down her body. I placed kisses in a trail from her belly button down to the top of her slit. Making my way to her legs, I gently pushed them apart and guided them to wrap around me. I ran both my hands up along her inner things, stopping just short of her lips. She gasped and I smiled to myself. I took my time, toying with first one lip and then the other. I watched her face and creases appeared on her forehead. I laughed to myself. She was impatient and my teasing was hard on her.

Satisfied with her unease, I slipped just the tip of a finger inside her slippery pussy. Her muscles immediately clenched down and then relaxed. Slowly, I dipped my finger deeper into her before pulling it back out. She moaned softly deep in her throat. With my other hand, I rubbed gently at her clit and I slid two fingers into her. As I slowly pulsed my fingers into her, I debated whether I should add a third. I jumped slightly when she said, ďYes.Ē Doing as she wished, I added another finger, driving them hard and deep into her. Her muscles clenched tightly around my fingers. Her juices were starting to run down her ass. I grinned as I added pressure to her clit and sped up my thrusting pace.

Her back began to arc as I quickened my pace even more. Her hips rocked in rhythm with my darting fingers. Her moaning grew louder until she shouted, ďI want it fast and hard!Ē I was caught off guard but I immediately did as I was told. I drove my fingers as deep as I could in and out of her pussy with lightning speed. I rubbed furiously at her clit. Her juices ran all over my hand as her pussy clenched down on my fingers before pulsing furiously. Her hips rocked up and down and her back arched as she screamed. I slowed my pace but didnít stop. When her body stopped bucking, I gently slid out my fingers and eased my way up to her. Her breathing was rapid. I laid my head on her chest and listened to her heart hammer.

The next morning I woke up. I was back in my own room. I donít know how I got there but I was pretty sure I didnít get there on my own. I started doubting whether last night really happened or not. To add to the mystery, I couldnít find my bra and thong. Crestfallen, I got dressed quickly and ran to room 207. Knocking on the door, no one answered. Hanging my head, I returned to my room and packed up. I checked out at the front desk and threw my bag into my trunk. I sat and stared out the windshield. Last night couldnít have been a dream. I jumped as my passenger side door opened. I grinned when she slid into the seat. Smiling, she asked in her sexy voice, ďSo, where are we going?Ē
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