Guide to Sex

A few pointless facts:

  1. Your nose gets blocked when you get sexually excited! Your nose contains the same erectile tissues as your respective genitals, which has increased blood flow causing swelling and blockage of the nasal passages! Most people have other things on their minds, and don't really notice it!

  2. Men are unable to urinate with an erection - so the semen has an open passage!

  3. The composition of semen is mainly made up of sugars - to give those hard working little sperms all the energy they need!

  4. It can take the little sperms between 12 and 24 hours from ejaculation to conception! And of the millions that enter the woman's cervix, only a handful will survive to see the egg!

  5. A woman's vaginal juices are mainly made up of mucus for lubrication. However they also contain some other little nasties such as cyanide ions to stop bacterial infections!

  6. Viagra™ is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor! Another popular anti-impotence drug is yohimbine, an alpha2 adrenoceptor antagonist which has been used for centuries in African fertility rituals, and comes from the Yohimbe tree!

  7. The size of unexcited penises varies greatly, however upon erection most all reach the same size of about 6 inches!

  8. Men spend about 3 hours a night with an erection (when asleep, stupid!).

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