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"How Porno Movies Start"

By Cute Couple
**editors note: this is a true story,names and some details were changed for the protection of all involved**

We were sitting around the table and smoking about the fourth joint about as thick as my thumb. Somehow we had gotten on the conversation of how our children had changed our lives, and our wives were complaining about how the children had changed their bodies. "My tits used to be firm and perky, now they hang here like bags of mashed potatoes!" my wife bitched. Now I need to tell you my wife is very sexy even though her tits have rode higher in her younger days, but damn who cares?! They're still 34D's for Christ's sake, and her ass is the perfect upside down heart shape. Shes 5'4"with long wavy red hair, the sexiest piercing green eyes you've ever seen, and lips made to please. My sister in law asked my wife how long she had breast fed for. "Two weeks tops." she answered. "Why not longer?" Krystal quizzed. My wife replied that she has inverted nipples which made it very hard for our daughter to latch on, so trying to feed her only made her breasts form more milk and get engorged. "What the hell are inverted nipples?" asked David, my brother. Monique, my wife, explained that it was that her nipples were "inies" most of the time, but with some work they popped out and were huge. "Now that's something I'd love to see." David said. "Me too!" agreed Krystal. "Yeah like I'm gonna show my sagging tits." Monique retorted. "Aww, come on. I'll show mine if it'll make it any easier" Krystal offered. By this time we had finished that fat joint and were feeling pretty good, so my wife agreed. "This is how porno movies start" I said. "Yeah, you wish, Allen!" teased Krystal. Meanwhile both of our wives were taking off their bras and pulling up their shirts making sure everyone got a good look at their tits. Krystal's were pretty nice. They were just a bit firmer than my wife's (but she only had one kid), and she had silver dollar size areola surrounding her thick nipples (which were already perking up). I heard David gasp and say "wow" as my wife pulled hers out. We all began reassuring each other's wives that they shouldn't complain about their looks because they were really very sexy. Which Krystal really was ,she had a sexy olive hue to her skin, 36D tits and a deceiving innocent face.
Now that we were truly high and very horny we all started talking about past sexual experiences, as David began rolling our next bomber. "Well I had a threesome once" Krystal contributed. This blew my mind, I knew her since she was seventeen and never thought her the type, but it just got more shocking. "Yeah, my best friend wanted me to join her and her husband." and told us the whole story. "Wait," i said, "you had sex with another woman?" I asked never expecting that from my brothers timid little lamb. "Yeah it was fun, why do you look so shocked?" she asked. " 'Cause I never pictured you as bisexual, Krystal" I answered and the conversation went on for a while until my brother and sister in law were daring us to fuck each other in front of them, meanwhile we were smoking yet another big fat joint. After a little discussion we agreed so David put a porno in the VCR, and putting the rest of the joint in front of Monique. I said "See I told you this is how pornos start". After a while I started caressing Moniques's breasts through her shirt and kissing her passionately.
After a little while Monique loosened up, and I opened her shirt, began kissing down her chest as I unclasped her bra. Then I showed David and Krystal how to get Moniques's nipples hard. I started gently kissing them, as they got firmer I started sucking on them as I kneaded her breasts. Her breath got faster and she started moaning. "MMMMMMM". While I was sucking Monique's tits I unbuttoned her pants, then pulled them, and her panties off in one motion. God, was she wet! I began playing with her pussy, as I kissed my way down her stomach to her thighs. "God yes, Allen!" she hissed as she spread her legs wider. I started just kissing her clit and gently sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. She has always tasted great and I couldn't wait to fuck her with my tongue. I was sticking it in as far as i could and wiggling it around. "Lay down" she ordered. I did as told and she got into a sixty-nine over me, then started licking my cock head. I was sucking her clit and fingering her,and David and Krystal came around so they could get a better view of me eating my wife's pussy. "MMMMMMM makes me want to eat her." Krystal said. I took one finger out of Moniques's cunt and placed it at her puckered ass hole, she adjusted so that my lubed finger could worm it's way in. After a couple minutes, Monique came gushing her sweet juices all over my face, and I drank them like nectar from the gods. I told her to stand up and get on her knees on the couch facing the back. She knew what I wanted and after she was in position, she reached between her gorgeous legs for my cock and guided me in. She was so wet I didn't know how long I could last. After a couple of minutes of fucking her hard and spanking her ass, while calling her "my sexy fucking nympho" I was ready to cum. " turn around and open your mouth" I grunted. She obeyed and just in time because as she opened her mouth I spurted glob after glob after glob of my sticky cum down her throat and she gladly took it all. The next weekend we all got together again and were playing cards. Monique suggested we all play strip poker and as we were all high (again of coarse) we readily agreed, David was the first naked and had to do dares the rest of the night, I was second and the girls finished it off, the dares were pretty ordinary (ok ordinary for a stoned bunch of perverts) masturbating, dancing naked, etc., etc. Out of nowhere Krystal say "Aw shit lets fuck" so she and David went to the couch and started. David sat down and Krystal started sucking his dick. I was amazed that she could take all of him in her mouth, David is 8" if he's an inch and twice as thick as me. But not only did she take it down to the base, but she did it with talent. Then David had her get on all fours and started eating her out. he licked her from clit to ass and back again. Krystal was wiggling her ass and moaning loudly. It was incredible, I had Monique stroke my cock as we watched. Soon Krystal was screaming as she came and David sat down again as Joann straddled him and rode him like he was the horse he was hung like. After David shot his load deep in her, I needed to cum to so I asked them to watch as Monique sucked me off. Man could she suck I was really enjoying it, as I blew my load i went all over her face and they loved the show, as she cleaned her face off with her tongue. And yes that's how pornos start.

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